Our deeply rooted History tells a great tale about the value of our company. Our Values and Wisdom have stayed with us in continuing the good work of Spread & Love of Homeopathy.

First Generation - Vishveshwar Rai Mangesh Kulkarni(1862-1924) A Naturopath, Sanskrit Scholar, Healer, Author & Vegan. Who by the dint of his own deep study and research into the subject of Homeopathy acquired a large practice & established the firm Roy & Company in 1889 in Bombay. A Visionary & Pioneer, He started the First pharmacy in the state and went on to establish institutes as there were none then. He lived a pious, philanthropic life in the service of humanity till his last days.

Second Generation - Dr. Manohar Vishveshwar Kulkarni(1910-1965). The youngest son followed in his father's illustrious footsteps continuing the good work taking the company to new heights. He was the first importer of Homeopathic medicines from Boericke & Tafel, USA & Willmar Schwab Germany. He set forth in popularizing Homeopathy establishing a vast & wide network nationally & internationally. His era saw the surge of Homeopathy and gave it recognition and credibility. Regarded as the doyen of homeopathy in Bombay even The Mahatma Gandhi sought his expertise and services regularly.

Third Generation - Dr. Vivekanand Manohar Kulkarni-(1936 -2012). The eldest Son embraced his late father's cause. Generous to a fault, his deep humanitarian approach fostered and guided various other institutions, pharmacies that proliferated & prospered. It was because he laid ground rules & guidelines that cleansed various malpractices that had crept into the system.

Fourth Generation - Dr. Jitendra Vivekanand Kulkarni And Dr.Tejaswini Kulkarni - Bhat .The present generation ardently believes in the pure tradition of Homeopathy as espoused by their fore fathers. Essentially a family firm, as we enter into the 125th year we seek to continue our legacy of commitment and service of humanity through Homeopathy.

Our business has been started by our fore fathers, and this will be going forward with our future generations also. Our Values, Wisdom have stayed with us in continuing the good work of Spread & Love of Homeopathy.

Roy & Co., the Homeopath's you can trust.